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Zero _ starting ideas


Contardi is a different company for the story, products, flexibility and attention to the clients. This difference becomes the platform on which the identity project is built. See Light With Different Eyes becomes Brand’s backbone.

Contardi _ Fuorisalone 2016


A Location-No Location,
that suits the national context.

A theatre that goes
beyond the simply ospitality,
going towards the viewers

Contardi _ Fuorisalone 2016

See light with
different eyes

After the sunset time,
to the strains of a violin.

A group of street performers,
in three different nights.

Contardi _ Fuorisalone 2016

The light
comes in

Theatrical performances
hat unfold themselves to all
the Fuorisalone’s districts.

Carriers of a special light
to watch with different eyes.

Contardi _ Company Profile


The diversity is not the only
distinctive character of the product,
but is the Company DNA.

Through the business founders’s words,
we understand the particular
nature of the Brand

Contardi _ Website


The website expresses
the Brand spirit and
the entire collection in a
modern and functional way.

In the centre of the project
the pictures, that represent
the Interior Design concept
with the light inside.

Contardi _ Fuorisalone 2015

The Blind

Contardi starts at the
Fuorisalone 2015 with a
project that is a unique event,
at the Institute for Blind people in Milan.

People live the light
through its absence.
The result: a personalized journey,
an experience that leaves
nobody indifferent.

Contardi _ Fuorisalone 2015

Every way

The invitation to the event
involves a different sense:
the hearing.

A total black video,
to listen to with your eyes closed,
following the 3D sound that
completely wraps you.