0% What to do if no ideas?
You'd better Zero.
Zero _ starting ideas


We already know that Lufthansa deals with flights, but we need to increase the empathy with the clients and prospect. A series of aimed actions shall ensure that the sky travelers, even when they’re not flying, can feel in good wings.

Lufthansa _ Wobi

World Business

A two-days event
where the business Gotha
shall meet for being inspired
by company strategies
and brands.

Lufthansa Group breathes
life to a new though,
an original experiencee
to stimulate those who
will shape the future.

Lufthansa _ Wobi 2016

In constant

In a world
constantly dynamic,
we ask to the users to slow down.

At the Lufthansa Group stand
is possibile to entering a contest,
but also to tell and share
the slow down experience.

Lufthansa _ #daretoslowdown

Dare to
slow down

A multi-sensorial
experience to live
comfortably lying down.

The olfactory projection
of a video with 3D Audio
emphasizes the experience.

Lufthansa _ What’s in between

What’s in

What drives people
to effectively do what they say?
Maybe a strong stimulus
that makes them to pick up and move.

The subject comes
to life with a contest and
a interactive quiz.

Lufthansa _ Wobi

Architects of
the future

Lufthansa Group
brings the story makers far away
realizing their dreams.

An opened stand,
easily usable,
allows to hire the visitors
in an interactive way.

Lufthansa _ How far can you go

How far
can you go

The WBF is an inspirational moment,
but Lufthansa Group has to create
a concrete touch point, even for possible
follow-up actions

The project won a
Silver at the DMA Awards and
the special prize Freccia d’Oro.

Lufthansa _ Wobi


“How far can you go
without flying?
The question is a pure
provocation and turns interactive
with a video and with a game.

The visitors’s
participation is important:
over 1/3 of the delegates
participates to the contest and
to the game at the stand.

Lufthansa _ Expo 2015

the world

Expo 2015,
thousands families are eager
to taste the flavors of the world.
Even those from the
Germany's pavilion.

An online contest
where the network is the amplifier
and the Expo the detonator.

Lufthansa _ Mamma ti penso!

ti penso!

The most italic of
all the interpretations,
applied to a contest and
to an itinerant event.

A prize contest that starts
from the ALT global campaign
which proposes oriental destinations.