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Marmo Elite

Everyone decant the qualities of the marbles, without offering to the market elements of structured preference. The platform We Are Beauty Hunters, based on the Founder’s firsthand work, claims the privilege on the beauty.

Marmo Elite

The pursuit
of beauty

Exhausting journey
at the edge of the risk.
Immeasurable distances
covered under extreme conditions.

Let’s go haunting some beauty;
let’s win some trophies that
nobody else can boast.

Marmo Elite

The excellence
at any cost

Being the first,
so you can choose the besr
that the nature brings to light.

Provide to the clients
the competence of a lifetime
from the extraction process
to the final project.

Marmo Elite


The research of the
world best marbles and onyx.

The colours, their veins
and their transparencies.

Marmo Elite _ Marmomacc 2016


A labyrinth that stimulates
the visitor to confidentially
relate itself with the marble,
through a journey.

A stand that differs
from the others and that wins
the Best Communicator Award 2016.

Marmo Elite _ Company

A new

We Are Beauty Hunters
tells about a newmethod
of unique work.

The communication strategy
is inspired by this
valuable driver.

Marmo Elite

by the beauty

Precious raw materials,
knowledge, history,
experience, clarity.

Every piece is unique,
numbered and different
from any other.

Marmo Elite _ Website

La lion's

A website completely
inspired by the marble veins.

The design gives back
beauty and sensibility,
but also an unforgettable
user experience.