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North Sails

A brand with a focus on the sportswear, takes its name from the world’s most famous sailmakers, but it doesn’t say that. We need to transfer Founder’s charm and the one of his tigers: Tigers becomes the Brand’s platform.

North Sails

on science

A brand that grounds
its roots on the sail.

A project
that is brand architecture,
not only about communication.

North Sails _ Tigers

We are

The sailing heritage
comes to life
which inspires the
North Sails sportswear.

The main characters
are the North Sails’s men,
starting with the Founder’s face.

North Sails _ Tigers

The tigers

No actors or models,
the faces are real
the result of a street casting
done in France, Italy
and United Kingdom.

The photography is rough
and allows to look
each other in the eyes.

North Sails _ Pitti

at Pitti

Tigers lands at Pitti,
not only with a stand but with
a real Cinema room,
to make you immerse in the real
ppassion for sailing.

The entire project was designed
as a contact moment between
visitors and the brand.

North Sails _ Magazine

Tigers of
Lowell North

The magazine retires
the old catalogue.

The Online version
gets rich of contents and opens the door
to a social activity.

North Sails

talking about

Sailors, sailmaker, tigers.
All stories, for real.

The challenges take shape
into a brand campaign,
a Cinema’s short film,
a magazine, a new website and
a renovated social presence.

North Sails _ The Movie

the Movie

The short film tells
the spirit that moved and
still moves the Tigers.

The story of a man
who rediscovers his true self,
but also the metaphor of a
brand that reaffirms its origins.