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Testing new value shapes to make the unimaginable, possible. Professionals, experts in the field, students and entrepreneurs come together in Milan to describe together the future in the area of advanced analytics, digital transformation and artificial intelligent.

Sas Forum Milan

Sas Forum

The annual date
dedicated to the analytics
throughout Italy.

An event of international
significance oriented to privates,
publics, partners and to all
the academic world.

Sas Forum Milan

Talking about

Guests and international experts
facing one the other about
the future and the evolution of
the artificial intelligence.

They try to understand
how to redefine the
user’s experience,
creating new models.

Sas Forum Milan

Dedicated to
those who believe

The data analysis
represents an important
gateway to the truth.

The event is dedicated
to all those who believe
into the innovation
as a driving force
for the competitiveness.

Sas Forum Milan

A growing

Every year, Sas Forum Milan
reunites a constant
moving community

A place where experts,
manager and entrepreneurs present
their winning approach.