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An historic brand that celebrates its 150° anniversary and at the same time, it opens itself to a younger and advanced audience. It does this giving to the years the springs’s aroma.

Sasso _ 150 Primavere

A visual

The communication keeps
a bond between art,
irony and creativity.

That’s how the idea
of a photographic project,
open to everyone, was born.

Sasso _ 150 Primavere

their idea

The web contest
allows anyone to share
their own Spring idea.

The web contest
allows anyone to share
their own spring idea

Sasso _ 150 Primavere

the product

The project took part
of a special selection,
through a dedicated
group on Flickr.

An expert jury has selected
the most beautiful pictures,
to personalising the metal sheets.

Sasso _ 150 Primavere

The spring

An itinerant photographic exhibition
brought 150 spring pictures
in the Italian squares.

QThese pictures talko
about the values of joy, awakening and
lightness typical of the brand.