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An hi-tech clothing brand focused on sailing, which extends to the sportswear. The objective is to create communicating vessels and to bring the smell of the sea and the smell of the competitions, to those who wish to dress informally.


Barcolana 48

Barcolana is the sailing regatta which
takes place in the gulf of Trieste,
with a record of more than
2000 entered boats.

Slam and Barcolana
sign a annual
cooperation agreement.

Slam I Am

The passion
for the Sea

That’s the real adhesive
between people who
identify with the brand.

This is where derives
he brand new platform
Slam I Am.


Honor your
own wind

Among the sponsored crews,
officially Slam.

Thousands the sea’s
enthusiasts who dress the Slam
garments to go sailing.

Slam _ Barcolana

An immersive

The Slam presidium inside
the Barcolana village.

A point of reference
to look at the new collection,
with unique pieces created
for the occasion.

Slam _ Pitti

Slam at Pitti
Immagine 91

New course:
the wind is changed.

Slam presents itself
with a stand and two Capsule
which embody the brand’s values.

Slam _ Brand

A new
brand identity

The change pass through
the Logo and a new
essential rigour.

New typography,
light and modern, accompanied
by a graphic sign, the spin,
dynamic and recognizable.

Slam _ Lookbook

Capsule 17

The two collections
shall draw up the story
and the DNA of the Brand.

Technical clothes and reinterpretation
of iconic item of clothing launch
the new collection mood.

Slam _ Website

New home:

The new Website:
attention to details and
E-commerce platform.

Publication of pictures,
videos and contents
constantly updated.

Slam _ Capsule Collection

Win-d / Be-Leave

An Interpretation
of the iconic item of clothing.
Technical experimentation
and evoluzion.

Dynamic shapes,
ergonomic cuts joined
with manufacturing
funseen processes.

Slam _ Adv

The sea flows
through your veins

The sea is our truth.
With it, the real challenge.

We breath competition,
excitement and adrenaline.

Slam _ Magalog

The Magalog

A summary of a strong
identification with
the brand and the person.

I Am deepens the visions
and the personal, inside and outside
the sail’s perimeter.

Slam _ Genoa Lantern

The Genoa

Slam starts in Genoa and,
proud of its origins,
supports the urban recovery
draft of the lantern.

The starting point is an
event with music and lights,
which embrace all the city
during the presentation of the
new Led illumination.