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Zero _ starting ideas


Vipra is a brand inside a brand. Child of the Bigi’s winery, but without a real interest in travelling rhetoric streets anchored to the history. With its modern channel, it calls personality and a tone of voice up to date: lateral and itinerant thinking.

Vipra _ #attentiallavipra

Fashion Week

#attentiallavipra brings the brand
to a trip around Milan
during the fashion week.

Vipra go down to the street
with a personalized ApeCar,
all around the city.

Vipra _ Milan Vfno


An initiative create
with the aim of conquering
new fans in the community.

The high social tasted hashtag,
rewards the virality of
the user’s pictures.

Vipra _ #attentiallavipra

Restart from
the DNA

The project mainly
develops online,
with a website and on Facebook.

Into the web contest,
we want to pay tribute to a real
supporter of the Italian lifestyle.

Vipra _ Milan Vfno

Vogue Fashion
Night Out

The #attentiallavipra project
participates with a special
preview at the VFNO.

A photographer captures
and portrays all the main characters
dof the event.